scooter accessories & scooterwear

Scooter Accessories

Accessories for your scooter

Driver’s Backrests

Driver’s backrest for all Suzuki Burgmans and Honda Silver Wings.

Boutique Ruby

Customized vintage style helmets.


Customized storage system for Genuine Buddy scooters.

Pirate Upholstery

Custom seats and leather crafts for your scooter.

Scoot Boot

Scooter trailers to pull behind your scooter. Awesome! 🙂

Scooter Cables

Control cable manufacturer made to specifications of various scooter brands.

Scooter Patches

Custom scooter patches from the UK.

Scooter Skirts

Colorful hand crafted scooter skirts keep you warm and dry!

Clothing for the rider

GoGo Gear – Safety Never Looked So Good!

Heritage Helmets – Exclusive Lambretta scooter helmets

Armadillo Scooterwear – Scooterwear with style and protection

Corazzo – Urban riding apparel

I’m Scooterist – Cool t-shirts. They are located in Barcelona, Spain, but they ship to the USA.

Adidas Vespa Collection – Vespa branded scooterwear by Adidas

Motorcycle Jackets at Motorcycle Superstore

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