And the best scooter of 2011 is… recently announced its picks for the best motorcycles of 2011. The best motorcycles are carefully selected after riding the bikes that made it to dealerships within the past year. And it was no surprise to see that the Genuine Stella 4-Stroke was selected the best scooter of 2011- Congratulations!

From Genuine:

“Stella has been available since 2002, and just this year officially introduced the 2012 Four Stroke variant which is indeed a milestone. It no longer has a “monocoque” chassis and had to undergo a total chassis re-design to accept the brilliant new motor which was designed 100% in India, with love! The two-year, unlimited mile warranty with full roadside assistance sets this scooter apart from others, together with the 4-speed “twist-grip” shifting that creates such fabulous economy!”

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