Chinese magic transforms car into scooter

scooter driving out of the McCar

You no longer need to be a superhero to drive out with a scooter from the back of your running car. Now, imagine you are driving with your pals and you notice you forgot something at home and need to go back, the McCar allows you to do so without interrupting the trip. You can leave your pals continue driving towards the destination, while you take a ride back home using the integrated scoot.

Geely, a Chinese auto manufacturer, just introduced its new concept electric vehicle with an integrated scooter inside.The McCar is not named after your favorite burger, its name is derived from Magic Car or Motorcycle Car. Because parts of this car magically transform into a scooter.

To be more exact, the rear middle console directly transforms into the seat of the scooter and all other parts are hidden below the front arm console and the rear space. But this is not the whole story, the scooter can be brought into running mode before driving out from the car. And of course, it is all electric and the scoot is being charged while the car is running. It would be fun to see this scoot go into production. Watch the concept video below.

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