Fight for your right to have parking for your scooter at work!

So, you want to use your scooter to commute to work, but there are no dedicated motorcycle parking spaces?

Don’t accept it as it is, first find out why. American Motorcycle Association (AMA) suggests that you contact the facility manager and find out why. You can always argue with them. If your reasoning is right, they can’t say NO!

Show them the positive aspects of having dedicated motorcycle parking spots. Obviously, if there is a dedicated spot, motorcycles will stop occupying large vehicle parking spaces, so there will be more parking available for cars. Given the fact that accommodating every single car is often a big problem in companies, this will get you some points towards your goal.

Besides, there are often small areas, which 4 wheeled vehicles won’t fit, you can get these areas marked as motorcycle/scooter only parking. This will again help, since it will prevent motorcycles and scooters from parking on car spots.

To get more detailed tips on getting motorcycle parking, read this article by AMA.

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