Tips for locking up your scooter

No one wants their scooter to be stolen. You can lower the risks by taking preventative measures, such as locking up your scooter each time it is parked.

Here are some tips on how to and how not to lock your scooter…

First of all, always make sure you activate the steering lock, this will prevent the thieves from simply rolling your scooter away. Using a disc lock or a grip lock or putting a chain around your wheel without looping it around an anchored object will still make your ride vulnerable to lift-away theft. Secure your bike to an immovable object that is fixed to the ground, such as a lamp post. This will protect it against being lifted into a truck, known as lift-away theft. Note that, if you just chain it to a sign post, the sign can be removed and the bike can still be lifted. Same applies if you just chain it to a short pole as seen in the below picture.

Not the best way to lock up your scoot

One of the best ways to lock your scoot is to use a chain and a u-lock. Cables on the other hand are generally less secure, since they are often easier to cut through. Some scooters, such as the Genuine Buddy, have by default a u-frame welded underneath the frame, you can pass a chain through the frame and then attach it to another object. Draping the chain through the wheel won’t be as effective, because of the wheel being easily removable.

locking the wheel only

welded u-frame underneath the scoot

Use quality locks that can not be removed with simple tools. Thieves will usually go after easier targets. After you lock it, if possible keep your scooter out of sight; instead of parking in front of your front door, park it in your backyard. If they don’t see it, they can’t steel it.

Covering it, will avoid thieves from knowing what kind of scooter you have, if the brand and condition are not obvious, they will be less interested in steeling it.

If you are riding in groups, securing the scooters to each other will make it difficult to roll away the scooters.

securing two scooters to each other

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  1. Emily says:

    Great tips!

  2. Sean Vanity says:

    Great tips
    Someone recently stole one our new vespas that one of our delivery guys use, that won’t happen again

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