How to change your scooter’s battery

Changing your scooter’s battery is one of the easiest quick fixes. Especially if your scooter has been sitting idle for a long time, rest assured that sooner or later you will need to do this. Hopefully this article will help you.

First step is to find where your battery is. In most of the modern scooters the battery is under the floor panel where you put your feet. Some Vespas have them under the seat. In doubt? Look at your scooter’s manual.

floor panel

locating the old battery

removing the old battery

Once you find the battery location, open the cover if there is any. Start by removing the negative terminal first (usually it’s the black or blue cable), followed by the positive terminal (usually the red cable). Remove your old battery. Replace the old one with the new and charged battery. Reconnect the wires positive to positive terminal, negative to the negative terminal. To remove and connect battery terminals, all you need is a screwdriver.

brand new battery

reconnecting the wires

connecting the blue (negative) cable

connecting the red (positive) cable

Again your scooter’s manual is the best place to look for what type of battery you should order. Your dealer can order one for you or you can order online. Most of the time, if you place your order through a dealer, they will also get rid of your old battery for you, for free.

Remember to dispose of your battery in a correct manner since it contains toxic materials bad for your health and for the nature.

That’s it, you now have a brand new battery in your scooter!

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  1. Kris Bronner says:

    I was wondering if you could help me? I have a new battery and cannot get the screws to screw down tight. I’m not sure where to put the nuts either. I am using the nuts and screws that came with the new battery.

    • scootnik says:

      Can you take pictures? Your problem sounds like your screw is not catching the nut. If you can push the nut slightly up with your index finger and turn the screw at the same time it should catch the nut.

      Then you need to insert the wire between the nut and the bolt.

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