MadAss ist einfach sexy!

It can be easily described as one of the most stylish, unique and sexiest mopeds known to exist…

The Sachs MadAss is a product of German Engineering. And, no, it is not manufactured by one of the companies that recently popped up with the scooter/moped boom. In fact, SFM GmbH, the manufacturer of MadAss, is one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers. The company, initially manufacturing only bicycles, started doing business as early as 1886. Moving to motorcycle production in the early 1900s, today they are still in business and known as the manufacturer of one of the coolest bikes in history, the MadAss!

The Sachs MadAss moped is available both in 49cc and 125cc. For more info visit

The integration of the fuel tank into the bike's frame and the exhaust hidden under the seat gives it a bicyclish look.

Watch the fun MadAss commercial video below.

And some MadAss stunt!

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