RYNO baby!

RYNO Motors‘ comes up with a self-balancing, one wheeled electric scooter. Its looks kind of resemble BPG Motor’s U3 in dicycle mode, but the design is yet more industrial, something I could imagine seeing in a Mad Max movie. This ongoing revolution in ground transporation technology makes me wonder what kind of crazy vehicles we will be seeing on the roads in a few years from now…


The estimated retail price for the Ryno scooter is around $3500, still much more expensive compared to a regular scooter, which can be purchased starting at $1000. Maximum speed is 25mph, you can go up to 35mph with a regular 50cc scoot. But on the other hand, this vehicle is all electric, so you don’t need to spend bucks on the gas. Also, it is light weight and small, so no need to worry about parking. The bike’s LiFePo4 battery has a charging time of 1.5hrs and a range up to 30 miles. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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