Stylish, unique and transformable: U3

Lately, we have been writing a lot about upcoming electric scooters, there is one more model we have not covered yet. This one is a bit different though, beyond its unique style, this zero emission electric scoot is a transformer. Uno III from BPG Motors is able to transform while riding for better handling of higher speeds and on idle mode for compact storage and parking. It can get small enough to fit into an elevator and inside an apartment.

The Uno has three wheels and operates in two modes. In dicycle mode, it balances on a single pair of parallel wheels, providing the rider with a compact and highly maneuverable ride. At high speeds, the Uno transforms into a scooter; a middle wheel deploys forward and the outer wheels shift backwards completing the transformation. The transformation into motorcycle mode is easily completed with a push of a button. The current prototype has a top speed of 30 MPH in motorcycle mode and a top speed of 15 MPH in dicycle mode. Charging takes 3 to 4 hours, which enables traveling up to 30-35 miles.

u3 motorcycle mode

u3 motorcycle mode

u3 dicycle mode

u3 dicycle mode

Many of us are not familiar with riding in dicycle mode, but according to BPG Motors, this is easier than riding in motorcycle mode.

The U3, which will be licensed as a scooter class vehicle, is expected to be available early 2012. The price range is expected to be between 5000 USD and 7000 USD. You can reserve yours online at the BPG  website.

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