Android Apps for the Scooter Lover

Last time, we reviewed the best iPhone scooter apps and we pointed out that there aren’t many apps available to the American scooter riders. Today we are going to review the Android apps for scooters. Unfortunately, the case is even worse, independent of the nation, in general, there aren’t many apps for the scooter lovers out there.

Here are two Android applications that we picked, which might be of interest. An addictive fun game, called Scooter Hero by WuZla Games, for everyone out there who like tapping games and an informative electronic book called Total Scooter, aiming to educate the first time scooter buyer on what kind of scooter to buy, what to look for and why to buy a scooter.

Enjoy and if you get a chance to try these out, feel free to comment with your review.

1. Scooter Hero

Arcade & Action by WuZla Games. Free and Pro version available. According to user reviews, this a quite addicting game. Your goal is to avoid falling off the platform, tap the screen to jump, and jump even higher…

Scooter Hero

2. Total Scooter

Transportation Info by Wolfgang Schmuck. This ebook provides 30+ cool scooter articles of tips, information and guides.

Total Scooter Application

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