Draining liquids

Sometimes you might need to drain gas or oil from your scooter. One way of doing this is to locate the drain plug and let the gravity take care of it. To locate your drain plug please check your scooter’s manual.

Especially for draining gas, there is an alternative way of doing things. Recently, I had to load my scooters to a moving truck for a long distance move. And liquids and flammables were not allowed on the truck, so I had to drain the gas from the scooters. A cheap hand pump (for only a few bucks) I found at a local auto parts dealer did the job. It looked like this.


There are pumps from $2 to $100. For this kind of job, the very basic one was good enough. Next part is to find a container that is at least as big as your gas tank. Check your manual for information about the size of your gas tank. Always remember that gas and such liquids must be handled very carefully due to their flammable nature.

Now, let’s start the process. Lower the sucking hose to the very bottom of your gas tank by pushing it as far as it goes. Then lower the other end of the pump to the container and start the flow by pumping few times. If your gas tank is higher than your container, once the flow starts it should continue until there is no gas left in the tank.

hose going into the gas tank

other end of the pump going into the container

If at any point of time you need to stop the flow, just raise the container higher than your gas tank’s level.

After draining the gas or oil, don’t forget to properly dispose of it. DO NOT flush it down the drain, or DO NOT pour it to the nature.

Have fun!

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