New bill in Nevada to enforce registration of 50cc scooters

Currently, Nevada law requires only scooters with engines larger than 50cc and those capable of going faster than 30mph to be registered with the DMV.

Assembly Bill 508 introduced in the state of Nevada, would mean that all scooters, regardless of their engine size need to be registered with the DMV. The new bill would also enforce wearing helmets while riding.  If the new bill passes, this would also mean that the owners of the registered vehicles would need to provide proof or insurance and pay sales taxes on their vehicles. So far, besides saving on gas costs, owning a 50cc scooter was one way to avoid additional expenses, such as registration fees, sales taxes and insurance costs.

It is not clear whether, such a bill would cause a slow down in scooter sales or not. But it is for sure, that it would raise some additional revenue for the state.

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  1. David Mazur says:

    Scooter / Mo-ped Registration
    * Posted by: David Mazur
    It’s an idea that has scooter riders fired up. Lawmakers in Nevada, desperate for cash, are
    considering legislation that would require registration for scooters & mo-peds.
    Folks think this scooter / mo-ped licensing proposal, is a joke.
    It would require scooters / mo-peds be registered, licensed, and insured. This applies to
    privately owned two-wheelers under 50 cc and get from 70 to 95 miles per gallon of gas .
    Scooters / mo-peds would be required to have license plates, just like cars, trucks, and
    motorcycles. They would cost $33 plus government services Tax and other charges that
    come with registration.
    Bob Putak said, “I don’t think that’s right. I think it’s wrong. It’s bad enough we got to pay
    almost $4 for a gallon of gas.”
    Lionel Ortiz said, “That’s crazy! For a mo-ped?”
    The sponsor of the measures says the license plates would produce nearly $15,000 for
    the state in the first year, and with annual renewal fees, about $3,000 each year after the law
    becomes effective.
    “[NV.] trying to get money any way they can,” said Putak.
    Marilyn Dondero Loop said she supports the bill ,but isnʼt yet familiar with all the details or
    the fees . Marilyn is the Assembly Transportation Committee Chairwoman D-Las vegas
    I personally think it is a good idea to get mo-peds on to roadways as a form of mass transit.
    and cut down on high gas prices .But Bill 508 could have the opposite effect and
    discourage people from using scooter / mo-peds.
    Mo-ped / scooter riders are trying to conserve on gas,which the government is trying to
    encourage, and then to put another roadblock, another cost to be able to do this is just so
    If you thought the lines and wait time at Nevada D.M.V. was long before,watch what
    happens if Bill 508 passes …
    David Mazur

    Recently,Assembly Transportation Committee Chairwoman Marilyn Dondero Loop,D –
    Las Vegas supports legislation that would force people to register for “scooter
    registration.” Scooter registration would cost over $33 . However, this bill may have
    unintended side effects. It would not only disproportionately burden low income residents
    of Nevada who may rely on scooters / mo-peds for transportation, but also cost the tax
    payers as a whole by discouraging riding scooters as an alternative form of transportation.
    The average cost of owning an automobile is just under $8,500, or 29% of the median
    income of a family in Nevada. Riding a scooter is a way of keeping that high cost down.
    Difficulties with Transportation are a Roadblock to Self Sufficiency, 53% of low income
    individuals surveyed said they already had trouble paying for transportation. A tax on riding
    a scooter would only add to this.
    The study also found that the most common complaint with public transportation was the
    lack of suburban routes. Scooters provide a cheap alternative to access these suburban
    routes . Public transportation short comings were also cited as a major reason for
    unemployment. Scooters can serve as a local supplement to public transportation. By
    raising the cost of cheap transportation alternatives,Marilyn Dondero Loop would be putting
    an additional roadblock to self-sufficiency to the low income population of Nevada.
    This bill, if passed, would also likely cost the tax payers as a whole. The bill is only
    expected to raise $15,000 in its first year and another $3,000 annually. This translates to a
    net gain of less than what it costs to put this registration bill 508 to a committee hearing.
    However, by discouraging riding a scooter , it is extremely unlikely that these costs will be
    How much does congestion cost Nevada? Congestion would only have to rise .04% in
    the first year and less than .01% in following years to offset the revenue gains. Given that
    more people riding scooters would mean less congestion on the roads, discouraging
    people from ridding scooters would increase congestion. Scooters would not damage the
    roads less since they weigh less, meaning less tax payer money going towards toward
    road maintenance. They are also other “hidden” costs associated with use of motor
    vehicles, such as air pollution and car accidents, that are avoided by ridding scooters.
    I will not be looking forward to the even longer lines and longer waits at D.M.V. if Bill 508
    goes into effect.
    When looking at this bill, all the effects need to be taken into consideration. If you have a
    stance on this issue,I encourage you to contact your state representative.
    Thank You
    David Mazur

    • Glenn says:

      Are they still following through with this? If so can someone update the status? I can’t find any recently updated info related to this bill.

  2. james says:

    Exactly you are right , thanks for sharing such great information about mopeds, it is really helpful.

  3. kevin francis says:

    thank you, you have neatly addressed my issues on scooter registration. it is a ridiculously stupid tax, with obvious control issues. thank you kevin francis, a 56 year resident of las vegas

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