iPhone apps for the scooter rider

Unfortunately, there are not many apps available to the scooter riders in the US, except the ones providing nothing more than brand information to the fans. These include apps, such as iVespa, The Genuine Scooter Company, i.Lambretta, People GTi, etc. On the other hand Australia and Europe have some very useful apps. Get Twisted Pty […]

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Cool video from Cocoa Beach Rally 2011

Cocoa Beach Scooter Rally took place from February 25 to 28 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Watch this cool video that was recently posted on reddit.

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Fight for your right to have parking for your scooter at work!

So, you want to use your scooter to commute to work, but there are no dedicated motorcycle parking spaces? Don’t accept it as it is, first find out why. American Motorcycle Association (AMA) suggests that you contact the facility manager and find out why. You can always argue with them. If your reasoning is right, […]

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Suzuki’s hydrogen powered scooter gets EU approval

Suzuki Burgman hydrogen powered scooter, which was developed by Suzuki and the Loughborough based fuel cell company, Intelligent Energy, received EU’s WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval). The WVTA approval clears the design as safe for usage in European roads. According to Suzuki, the green Burgman is the first fuel-cell vehicle in the World to receive […]

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Founder leaves Zero Motorcycles

According to a recent press release by Zero Motorcycles, the California based Zero Motorcycles founder, Neal Saiki, is leaving the company to concentrate on building a human powered flying machine. Zero Motorcycles, was founded by Neal Saiki and his wife, Lisa in their garage in Scotts Valley, California in January of 2006. Currently, the company […]

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Tips for locking up your scooter

No one wants their scooter to be stolen. You can lower the risks by taking preventative measures, such as locking up your scooter each time it is parked. Here are some tips on how to and how not to lock your scooter… First of all, always make sure you activate the steering lock, this will […]

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Piaggio Americas CEO steps down

According to a recent press release by Piaggio Group Americas (PGA), the president and CEO, Paolo Timoni left the company in order to pursue other professional interests. Former general manager of Piaggio Spain, Miguel Martinez has been appointed to take over Timoni’s responsibilities.

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Yamaha to sell 2 new electric scooters to India.

Although the details are not clear, Yamaha India (India Yamaha Motor) hints two new electric scooters for the India market.They also are mentioning two new bikes for the country as well. The scooters will be designed in Japan but they will be specific to the India market. According to India Yamaha Motor Director (Sales and […]

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Yike the YikeBike!

This is neither a scooter, nor your typical bike. Along with some design awards, this cool thing called the YikeBike, was named one of the best inventions of 2009 by the Time Magazine. Now finally it is available for sale. This innovative 2-wheeler is so far the lightest electric foldable bike available in our world, […]

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Electric Scooter from Seattle’s Fremont Motors

This Friday, March 4th, Fremont Motors in Seattle is releasing its concept electric scooter Fido with a party. Jeb Gast, who started the electric scooter shop, Soundspeed Scooters in 2008, couldn’t find the scooter of his dreams, so he created one by himself. Join the Release Party, this Friday, March 4th, 5:30pm at Motore Coffee, […]

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